Children's Empowerment and Protection

 A young boy studies at a GOAL-
supported mobile school in one 
of Nairobi’s informal settlements
Since 1995, GOAL Kenya has prioritised education and protection for vulnerable children in the areas where we work. We do this through our Children’s Empowerment and Protection (CEP) programme. 

Children and young people are amongst Kenya’s most vulnerable citizens, with 46 per cent of Kenyan children living in absolute poverty and only 50 per cent completing primary school.

By focusing on increasing access to schools for boys and girls in informal settlements, along with ensuring that schools are safe, hygienic and equipped properly to assist learning, GOAL is addressing the universally recognised correlation between poverty and low levels of education. 

We also facilitate entry into vocational training or formal education for young people and street children. 

Children and young people are also trained as peer educators, to share key child protection and child rights information with others in their own age groups. 

GOAL has well-established relationships with children and youth and with schools and other institutions in Nairobi’s informal settlements. Thanks in part to these relationships; participants in various interventions have gone on to finish school, or to begin their own businesses. Life-skills training has the added benefit of creating confidence and empowering children by making them fully aware of   their rights. 

GOAL regularly holds mobile birth registration campaigns, where we provide undocumented children with birth certificates. This is the first step to ensuring these children are protected and able to access basic services. 

Additionally, we also support schools and institutions to deliver child friendly services. We actively participate in child empowerment networks to influence policy development and implementation, and ensure that the voices of children are included in these engagements. 

GOAL partners with local and national government ministries as a strategic partner, and with implementing agencies such as:
 Life Skills Promoters (LISP)
 Youth Alive! Kenya (YAK)
 Various community-based and youth organisations

This work is possible through the support of:
 Irish Aid
 The Irish public

For more information on GOAL's work in Kenya, click here.

Since 1977, GOAL has spent in excess of €790 million delivering aid to some of the most vulnerable people in the developing world. We have achieved all this on an exceptionally low administration cost base.

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